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Kitchen Remodeling in San Antonio

1Choice Home Improvement Designed your kitchen with Purpose. we'll make your dream kitchen a reality.
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Custom Kitchen Remodeling in San Antonio

Are you considering a kitchen makeover and don’t know how to get started? Then let our professional craftsmen do all the work for you!

1Choice Home Improvement offers high-quality kitchen remodeling services in San Antonio, Texas. We can pull off the kitchen of your dreams without hassles, and install new counter tops, cabinetry, and new appliances. We can also add a touch of class with new paint and flooring to your valuable cooking area. Most importantly, we can make your kitchen remodeling in success through the help of our team who are committed to customer satisfaction.

Why choose us?

There has been a lot of companies these days that are offering kitchen remodeling services, but 1Choice Home Improvement remains to be true to its promise. Our experience in the home renovation industry allows us to provide the best service experience possible consistently.

We have several licensed and experienced consultants and contractors who have a solid background in remodeling a home of your choice. These professional individuals will work together with clients to ensure great results and efficient services. They will assist you all throughout the kitchen remodeling process, and will also explain every detail of the services made or materials used.

Our company also guarantee a 24/7 availability, smooth transaction, and excellent customer satisfaction. You can always talk to us at any time of the day to inquire about the service you want to have. You can also schedule an appointment to discuss your plan of kitchen remodeling. At 1Choice Home Improvement, we do not only work for our benefit, but we also remodel the best kitchens for the welfare of our clients.

What we offer

In case you want to know more about what we offer, here are some of the services and products we have for kitchen remodeling plan.


We provide various designs to make your kitchen cabinets look beautiful and durable. Whether you prefer to install a customized cabinet or remodel an old set, we will make sure to deliver satisfying results. Our designers and artisans only use top quality materials to build kitchen cabinets that last for a long time. Just let us know what you want, and we will assist in creating cabinets that work best for your kitchen.


Counters add value to your home and your kitchen. A lot of houses have counters to entertain the guests or family while the food is being cooked. It also provides a space for food preparation, eating, and chit-chats. If you want to add counters to your kitchen, we have various designs and materials for you to choose from. You can also make your layout, and we will create it according to your preference.


We do not just remodel a kitchen without putting the best floor for the entire room. Our specialists will ensure to install the right materials to build a kitchen floor that blends perfectly. Either you choose wood, carpet, or tile, we will create the best flooring for your kitchen needs.


We can incorporate any types of appliances to your kitchen remodel. Whether you want a built-in stove, refrigerator, or any specialized equipment, we can install it correctly upon demand. Choose your design and let us know about it. We can give a realistic plan and estimate for your kitchen appliances installation.

Sophistication meets affordability

At 1Choice Home Improvement, we offer sophisticated designs for any kitchen remodeling. Apart from using top-quality materials, we also include product and service warranty to provide an added assurance when there are untoward damages or defects after the installation or remodeling. We also offer affordable prices in our services to let you achieve the kitchen of your dreams without compromising your budget.

Our company employs great designers and professional artisans to help you achieve the type of kitchen you want. If you do not have a particular design in mind, these people can also give you suggestions or layouts which will surely enhance your kitchen based on your preference and make it look fabulous.

Make us a part of your kitchen remodeling experience. We will make sure to exceed beyond your expectations and bring the best results you could ever have. Call us now at 1Choice Home Improvement!


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