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Landscaping Design and Installation in San Antonio

San Antonio Landscaping & Design

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1Choice Home Improvement Landscaping in San Antonio and the surrounding area since 2010

San Antonio Landscape Installation, Design & Maintenance

1Choice Home Improvement is a provider of full-service landscape solution for any residential and commercial properties in San Antonio, Texas. We take a more hands-on approach to landscaping which sets us apart from other fellow landscapers. We focus on delivering quick and professional services to clients, ensuring a 100% satisfaction. Whether your property requires a simple lawn maintenance, a complete overhaul, or irrigation repairs, we will make sure to provide an outstanding service.

Why us?

For several years, 1Choice Home Improvement has provided various landscaping services in San Antonio, Texas and its surrounding areas. We have always been committed to excellence that is why we continue to be passionate about the quality of customer service we provide. Our staff members and landscape specialists are expert landscapers who are excellent in designing your garden. They are highly motivated professionals who are courteous, reliable, and time-bounded.

Our philosophy as a company is to provide every client a customized landscaping plan that fits their budget and needs. No matter what kind of services you avail, there is no reason to break your savings to get a premium residential or commercial landscape. At 1Choice Home Improvement, we deliver quality services at a price that you can afford.

Here are some of the landscaping services we provide in San Antonio, Texas.

Landscaping Design and Installation

If you want the best landscape for your home or office, 1Choice Home Improvement is the most reliable company to call. We can put on a garden to your property or remodel an existing one in a specified time frame and budget. Whether you want to install walkways, flower beds, stonework, or re-sod your lawn, we can execute it properly, and we guarantee to make it look best. Our designers can work alongside with you to create a picture-perfect yard that you desire. We also have reliable suppliers and on-hand materials to perform the landscaping services as soon as possible.

Lawn Maintenance

We understand that lawn maintenance is a tedious process. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” as every lawn has different structures or design. Thus, at 1Choice Home Improvement, we offer a customize lawn maintenance programs to ensure that quality services are provided at all times. Regardless of the lot design and complexity of maintenance, we are confident that our people can deliver great results and can exceed your expectations.

Weed Control and Fertilization

Pulling weeds can be a lot of hassle, especially when you have to do it from time to time. With 1Choice Home Improvement, you can skip the stress of removing these pesky weeds, especially when you cannot control its growth and you have no time to remove it. Our company provides fertilization and weed control programs to protect your yard and maintain its look. All you have to do is to sit back and relax while we do the work for you.


When you trust 1Choice Home Improvement for your irrigation needs, you will be assured of having a peace of mind. Our irrigation technicians are licensed individuals who can adequately address your landscaping needs, whether it is a full system installation of irrigation or a sprinkler repair. They are well-experienced when it comes to determining the best irrigation system for your lawn, and they are highly skilled in installing or repairing any of its problems. They will also ensure that you get the highest quality of services while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Hedging and Trimming

Our services are not only limited to designing and creating a beautiful lawn, but we also provide hedging and trimming programs for trees and shrubs. If you grow these plants in your yard, it is essential to maintain its size. Good thing our team has the right skills, expertise, and tools to make it possible. You do not have to worry on how to trim or hedge the shrubs and trees. Just let us do the work for you and your lawn is restored in a few minutes.

Seasonal Color

Brightening your yard is always possible with 1Choice Home Improvement. We can help install seasonal color to flower beds and make it look appealing to everyone’s eyes. We can also redesign your lawn based on your preference or customize it according to the season. By that, you can always enjoy watching various colors of flowers now and then.

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