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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire 1Choice Home Improvement?

Choosing the right contractor is essential to the success of your remodeling project. With 1Choice Home Improvement, you can be assured that the services are matched with years of technical expertise and reasonable pricing. Our team is composed of residential and commercial renovation experts who have an unparalleled experience and understanding on various structural issues. From the selection of products to the actual renovation process, these individuals will guide you all throughout. We will make sure to work within the given budget and expected a time of completion, with an assurance that quality is not compromised. Most importantly, we will maintain a smooth communication to accommodate any questions or concerns during and after the project.

Can I trust the workers of 1Choice Home Improvement?

Yes. All the workers of 1Choice Home Improvement are friendly and reliable. Our company is a drug-free workplace that employs the best personnel who are technically qualified to perform any given construction project, and who are clear from any criminal records or drug use. They are also trained to ensure that the highest standards are followed.

1Choice Home Improvement is a stable company that creates a friendly working environment among its workers. With good pay, steady work, and excellent benefits, our workers are motivated and inspired to give their best to our clients.

Is the quoted price the final price or are there any additional charges?

At 1Choice Home Improvement, we believe in an honest pricing policy. We do not charge any additional fees on top of the quoted price as it is considered to be the final price you will pay. However, changes to fees take place when we see any hidden elements of the infrastructure. For example, if there are rotted areas of the walls which are not noticed during the client’s inspection, we will suggest another kind of repair. If you also decide to put on another structure which is not included in the quotation, changes to fees may apply, but we will make sure to give notification before incurring any charges. There will never be hidden fees that you will not be aware or not authorized.

Is 1Choice Home Improvement insured?

Yes. Our company has a general liability insurance policy to cover the costs of repair or replacement when untoward circumstances take place while renovating your home or commercial spaces. Our workers are also licensed, bonded, and insured. You can call us to verify the policy and know the coverage of our insurance.

Does the company provide a product and workmanship warranty?

1Choice Home Improvement offers a workmanship warranty on all types of labor performed. All the products installed are also backed up with a manufacturer’s full warranty. So if there are damages or complaints about the product or services after it has been established, we can have it fixed or replaced for you.

What are the payment options available and are down payments required?

We accept cash, personal checks, and credit card payments for your home renovation projects. We also ask for a down payment before we begin constructing and renovating your home or commercial spaces as a way of confirmation.

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We offer professional Home Improvement services and installation. Our services include Roofing, Remodeling, Solar Panels, Flooring, Paint, Patio, Landscaping and more in San Antonio and near area.

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We help San Antonio homeowners turn their dreams into reality. we Proudly servicing San Antonio Area for all of your remodeling and home improvement needs. we guarantee Top Quality Service at Affordable Prices. We Can Fix it All!

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